Effective Solutions

We have our own state of the art internet platform perfected over 15 years.

Solutions for Training

PALGAP is a Learning Management System (LMS engine). Developed to deliver educational course materials over the. The materials can be , video(HTML5, Flash), text, MS Word documents, Acrobat PDF, video, or graphics. The engine provides the means to deliver these courses in a simple easy to navigate method. It includes an authoring tool to modify, delete, or add materials interactively on. All changes on line are immediately available to students. PC based are uploaded then available to the student.

PALGAP has a full administrator system on line that tracks students, instructors, course schedules for on line, or classroom. Classroom scheduling is included. Instructors, locations, associations, proctors, and students all can be tracked and activity recorded. Full on line administration of a school or organization. All information is real time.

Solutions for Sales

PALGAP has all the tools necessary for a business to sell their products online. From bookstores to DVD's to pamphlets to use your imagination. All pages are setup to be dynamic. Meaning you can change them anytime you wish. Upload pictures, change prices, change what is the feature of the day. PALGAP has a full administrator system on line that tracks sales, allows for immediate or timed changes. Full reporting system and fulfillment system. eMail marketing, with the ability to upload your lists or just use your clients emails. All with full accounting. PALGAP has a fully functional secure eCommerce system that can also be set up for on line payment.

Statistics We provide up to the second statistics on all websites . SEO and Social Media We provide SEO expertise and functionality to all pages, with connections to most of the popular Social Media(facebook) websites.